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Please take a look at these recent school photos:


Independent Living

Children have fun in the snow

Science Visit to St Pauls

Children have fun in the snow

Snow day in school

Children have fun in the snow

Remberance Day 2018

Children attended a rememberance event in the school grounds.

International Summer Fair 2018


Health & Wellbeing Day May 2018

The community Health & Wellbeing taster day was just the start of many more to come.



Extra-Curricular Activities

St Anthony's school is delighted to provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities to the children both during and after the school day, in order to further enhance their learning.  We have a Breakfast Club, Wake-up Shake-up Club, and we offer a large choice of sporting clubs and teams, including Netball, Football, Cross-Country Running, Rounders, Multi-Sports and Hockey, as well as Art, School Choir and more.

These operate for ten sessions each term and a nominal charge is made for each session.  We listen to the children and work together to try and improve our extra-curricular facilities by providing activities which encourage participation, stimulate the mind and expand horizons.



Key Stage 2

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