“Life is a constant ‘Good morning’ and ‘Farewell’. You grow by encountering and by taking your leave. If you don’t learn to say goodbye well, you will never learn how to encounter new people.” Pope Francis
We wish all our pupils, staff and their families a safe and restful break. We look forward to welcoming our pupils back to school on Monday 5th September.

“Let your words teach and your actions speak”

Welcome to St Anthony’s

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the St. Anthony’s Catholic Primary School website. Here you can start to discover what makes St. Anthony’s such a special place, why children love it here and why they remember it with such affection after they have left.

St Anthony’s is a school filled with a buzz of happy activity and the warmth of positive relationships between pupils and adults.

The children are taught a broad and balanced curriculum by wonderful teachers, and the academic standards are high. Yet, St Anthony’s is about so much more than that. It is about our Catholic faith that teaches children to follow the example of Jesus.

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