Why is Art important?

At St Anthony’s, we strive to deliver Art education which allows each child to individually express themselves confidently and creatively which subsequently, allows them to encompass visual-spatial learning and develop motor skills.

Art education allows children to express themselves in ways which stretches their minds beyond the boundaries of printed text. Through this, their whole-being excels as they grow and develop understanding of empathy, different societies, cultures and history through a practical and engaging approach.


When is Art taught?

Art is taught through thematic units as part of the Dimensions Curriculum. The Whole-school Overview maps out which thematic units feature this subject and the Long-term plans below clearly show the objectives taught:



The children develop skills in a wide range of media through our Skills Ladder which clearly shows progression throughout the school. This can be found at the bottom of the page.


How is Art taught?

Art is taught through a combination of subject knowledge and skills. Learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom and both class teachers and specialist TAs teach Art.


Who do we learn about in Art?

We learn about a variety of different Artists such as: Jack Kirby, Julie Taymor, Romero Britto and Jackson Pollock.


What do we learn in Art?

In Art, we learn about the mediums of collage, textiles, photography, drawing, painting, 3D form and sculpture, as well as mixed media.