At St Anthony’s Catholic Primary school, we firmly believe that good spelling is an essential skill which allows children to communicate their understanding in all curriculum subjects. In order for pupils to develop into effective and confident writers, they need to develop and use a range of effective spelling strategies. By providing the children with a range of strategies we will equip them with the independence to attempt spellings before asking adults for help.

Our Aims at St Anthony’s

  • Develop and teach the children to use a range of effective spelling strategies
  • Encourage creativity and the use of more ambitious vocabulary in their writing
  • Enable children to write independently
  • Enhance proof reading and editing skills
  • Encourage children to identify patterns in words and spellings
  • Promote a positive and confident attitude towards spelling
  • Help children to use a range of dictionaries and spell checks effectively
  • Help children recognise that spelling is a lifelong skill
  • Provide equal opportunities for all pupils to achieve success in spelling