English: Reading

Why is Reading important?

Reading is a key life skill. Through our reading curriculum, we help the children to develop a love of reading through immersing them in high-quality, engaging texts. A love of reading helps the children to acquire knowledge through our cross-curricular approach to learning. All year groups access a wide range of texts, from traditional tales and nursery rhymes, to intriguing pictures books and gripping novels.

When is Reading taught?

Early reading and phonics are taught through the Read, Write, Inc. Programme. The programme supports the development of sounds and letter recognition, blending and coding, through fun, creative activities.

Once pupils are beginning to decode words, they are introduced to the Dandelion books – a series of reading books which pupils take home to share with parents and carers every night. These books are carefully matched to the sounds that the pupils are learning in school. Pupils are also encouraged to borrow banded storybooks from the school library to read simply for pleasure.

As pupils move into Key Stage 2, they begin to read books from the whole-school library, which have also been banded to support different reading abilities. These should be read aloud with parents each night to develop fluency and comprehension skills.

At St Anthony’s, the children are taught the skills of reading through VIPERS skills (Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explanation, Retrieval, Summarise and Sequence). This teaches them how to answer questions based on a text. The children are given daily opportunities to implement these skills through reading lessons and cross curricular opportunities linked to their Dimensions topic.

Children’s achievements in reading are regularly celebrated in awards assemblies with Reading Stars and a half termly 100% Readers prize draw. Throughout the year, children are encouraged to take part in various reading events, such as World Book Day and the Young Readers Project.

What do we learn about in Reading?

Throughout the school, the children cover a variety of genres in Reading lessons and through their Dimensions topic. They read and analyse high quality texts, allowing the children to develop into confident readers. The children use the VIPERS skills to develop an understanding of what the comprehension questions are asking. These skills allow the children to gain a higher level of vocabulary whilst deepening their understanding of the text. The use of a range of high quality texts builds the children’s knowledge across a range of subjects.