Why is History important?                                                                                            

 Teaching History is important as it improves our decision making and judgement. Through studying History, pupils are able to   understand and interpret the past, and therefore, the present. In History, we can examine successes and failures from across the   years and this helps us to learn from our mistakes and improve our future. Through teaching History, we aim to inspire pupils to   have a natural curiosity of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. The study of History enables pupils to learn about who   they are in a wider context so they are able to understand themselves and others through looking at heritage, which develops a   deeper cross-cultural awareness.

 When is History taught?
 History is taught through thematic units. The Whole-school Overview below maps out which thematic units feature this subject.   Whereas the Long-term Plans for each year group clearly show the objectives covered:

 Pathfinders History Overview (Y1 and Y2)

 Adventurers History Overview (Y3 and Y4)

 Navigators History Overview (Y5 and Y6)  

 How is History taught?

History is taught through a broad variety of teaching approaches across all topics, for example, through role play, sequencing   events, devising questions, researching information, an emphasis on subject knowledge, historical skills, enquiry and fieldwork.   Pupils are also encouraged to work as historians to give them a strong understanding of what history is, with learning taking   place both inside and outside the classroom. Educational visits out of school are planned into the school calendar to suit the   topics covered.

 What do we learn about in History?

We learn about British History as well as world civilisations in history. Pupils will learn about historical topics, time periods and   events such as World Wars and Civil Wars, The Romans, The Ancient Greeks and the moon landing.

 Who do we learn about in History?

In History, we learn about Historical figures including Nelson Mandela, Walt Disney and Rosa Parks.