Mission Statement

St Anthony said,

“Let your words teach and your actions speak.”

At St Anthony’s we stand together following Christ in all that we do. We love life, have fun, forgive and celebrate as a Catholic family. We give all of ourselves, and always accept a challenge.

Lord, help us to shine like stars and share the good news of Jesus.

“Journeying together with Jesus Christ, we learn to love and love to learn.”

Guide us St Anthony

Dirige Sancte Antoni


School Charter
We follow our ethos on day-to-day basis by referencing our School Charter:

  • We live the Mission and can explain how we have lived it out each day.
  • We have high expectations of ourselves and each other.
  • We take responsibility
  • We care for the environment so we don’t walk past things (tidy spaces – desks, displays, cloakrooms, playground etc.).
  • We are present and upbeat so we talk to someone if we need help.
  • We are adaptable because we know that things happen!
  • We value each other so we assume everybody will come from an honorable place.
  • We work hard in all lessons and have fun, especially in our daily Literacy and Math’s lessons.
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